Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pregnant Kate Update: 18 weeks!!

I saw this on another blog and decided that it would be a cool thing to do every couple of weeks to see the changes! Here goes:

Craving: Cake, sour candy, pie, Anything sweet!

Feeling: Sore. My silly sciatic nerve has been giving me problems...but a hot bath and a heating pad on my back and legs really helps temporarily reduce the pain.

Contemplating: Giving into my cravings vs. eating as healthy as I can. Hmmmm....

Looking forward to: Our ultrasound on May 16th! Cory and Clayton will both be coming with me and it will be such a fun thing to find out what we are having together!

Enjoying: The kicks and rolls and punches! I've felt movement since 14 weeks, but it is getting more and more intense as this baby grows bigger. I am loving it. 

I am loving the time that I get to spend with my little Claybird. We have so much fun playing together and having tickle wars. I am enjoying these last few months of just having him to put all of my effort and love into...because I know that his life is going to change significantly when our next baby arrives. 

xoxo Kate

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