Friday, April 23, 2010

Grandma's Legacy

I have been very blessed to have been surrounded by amazing people most of my life. My grandmother, God rest her, was my first best friend. After kindergarten, she would pick me up and take me to Wendy's for lunch. After lunch, I would help my grandma and grandpa in their shop making signs. My grandma and I would have tea parties and she would let me wear her "most precious" jewelry. . .orange clip on earrings and a gaudy orange gem necklace. To me, that jewelry was the most precious jewelry in the world because it was my grandma's and she let me wear it. Since then, almost 14 years have passed and now I am without that special person. At first, it was very difficult for me to cope with the fact that I would never see my grandma again until heaven; she would not be coming to my high school graduation; she would not see me get married; she would not meet my children. Four years later, I now know that my relationship with my grandma was so very special, and I now know what I have to look forward to when I see her again in heaven.

As I look back to all of the New Years that we spent together here in Montana--clanging pots together at midnight--I realize that, even though I didn't realize it until now, my grandma left a legacy for me. It is my job, when I have my own grandchildren, to be the first best friend--to let my granddaughters wear my "most precious" jewelry and feel like royalty; to show them just how much Christ loves them. That is the legacy that my grandma left for me to carry on through the generations to come.

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  1. What a beautiful reminder of how we can all leave a legacy! Your post made me remember my own grandmother and how she would let me play in her jewelry box. Which I now have and put my jewelry in it! Priceless to me!